Cat Loves Newborn Baby So Much That He Never Leaves His Side


True love is something that many of us are very fortunate to experience in our lives, whether it is with our spouse, our children or even our pets. For this beautiful kitten, however, true love comes in the form of a small baby that was welcomed into the family recently. So many are afraid that their cats and their new babies will not get along together. Some worry that the cat, who was present first, might not like the baby and view it as an unwelcome guest that needs to get out and stop stealing all the valuable attention from the new parents.

Others are afraid that as the baby grows, he or she might not be very gentle with the cat and end up hurting the animal. A lot can be said about cats and babies but, for the most part, they get along just fine. This cat, unlike some cats that might show a bit of curiosity and then indifference toward a new baby, is simply in love. This cat loves this baby endlessly and without hesitation. It may or may not be the sweetest thing that you see all day long. We love it because, well, it’s impossible not to.

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