A Cat That Loves Sitting Front Seat In The Car? Check This Out!

cat sleeping in car

Cats can be funny creatures sometimes.  They often do strange things that us humans simply don’t understand.  The feline in this next video does something really bizarre and his owner has caught it on camera.  As you will see in the video, the cat appears to be sitting up in a car seat.  But instead of being in the back like most cats, this kitty is behind the driver’s wheel!  This beautiful orange tabby loves to spend time in his owner’s vehicle.  But of course the owner is always there; to make sure that the cat doesn’t get too hot.  If the owner gets out of the car, surely he will take his pet with him.

Instead of trying to drive the car, it seems that the cat is trying to take a nap.  With the camera rolling the kitty’s eyes seem very heavy and he even starts to drift off to sleep.  This is funny to watch and you can tell that this cat is about to take a nap.  The cat is purring loudly and this must be one of his favorite places in the world to be.  Many cats would rather curl up in the bed, but not this feline.  The owner is kind enough to run the AC for the cat and stay with him while he relaxes.

A very sweet cat, this kitty doesn’t seem to have one mean bone in his body.  He seems to have a great personality and even loves to be recorded by his owner.  But something keeps waking this kitty up and he often looks around at something outside of the car.  Maybe there is a dog running around and he is trying to keep an eye on him.  But for whatever reason, this feline doesn’t get his nap out.  The video was short and only lasted just over a minute, so maybe he gets his nap later in the day.  If you love cats this is the perfect video for you.  So if you want to get your fill of cuteness, then you need to check it out below.

Image via YouTube.com

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