Cat Loves to Have His People Vacuum Him When They Clean

cat vacuum

We are all about cute and adorable things in the world, but we do have to go out on a limb here and state that there are some things that potentially make us move our head to one side and raise an eyebrow. This cat is one of them. To begin with, I’ve never in my life met a cat that loves the vacuum. We always had a cat growing up, and we lost our most recent cat last year. In all the years I’ve had a cat, I’ve never had one that loved the vacuum. It’s a real shame, too, since we have four kids and we clean our floors every single night of our lives. Our cats would hide from the vacuum like it was their business, and we always wondered why they hated it so much. The best we could imagine is the fact that it’s just an item that’s loud and questionable, and they weren’t thrilled with that.

This cat, though, loves the vacuum. Again, before we speculate on that one, I need to point out that this is probably not something you should try at home if your cat does not happen to be a big vacuum fan. Cats are very timid at times, and you don’t want to cause yours to develop any lasting feelings of terror and fear. This cat loves the vacuum, and we have to say we are a little addicted to watching this video and seeing just how much it really does love it. It wants to spend some serious time with it, and we are impressed. Check it out.

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