Cat Makes Himself at Home in UK Supermarket

grocery cat

Wine, bread, pasta, vegetables; these are the most common staples on my grocery list. While I often add other things such as lunchables and snacks for my kids to have at home and to eat at school, I can say with honesty that I have yet to add ‘Orange cat,’ to my supermarket shopping list. In fact, I’m willing to bet this is not an item on your shopping list, either. However, we’re betting that the managers and owners of one Sainsbury’s supermarket in London would be quite happy if they were to see this on their customer’s list, since they have a small – not so small – cat problem in their store. It seems that a large orange tabby cat has decided that the well-known store makes for a great home.

The cat’s name is Olly Oliver, and he lives in the Brockely Sainsbury’s. It sounds like a lot of fun for those who are getting to spend time with the cat while they shop, but it’s against the rules in almost every capacity – especially in health codes. The cat doesn’t actually live at the store; he lives next door. But he loves to watch the shoppers, so he lets himself in regularly. The security personnel have removed him more than once, but he always comes back. It seems that most people are fine with him being in there, but official ‘rules’ prevent them from saying that out loud.

Olly Oliver loves the store, feels as if he belongs there and doesn’t become offended when he is removed. He merely comes back when he sees fit and waits for someone to complain so that staff can pretend they did not know he was in the store. The cat likes to hang out on top of shelves, in the middle of aisles and even with shoppers as they come into the store. It’s actually really cute, and we think it sounds like a lot of fun. Who cares about good health?

grocery store cat

Photo Credit – Twitter

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