This Cat May have the Strangest Sleeping Face Ever

sleeping cat 2

When your pet takes a nap, I’m sure you think they are super cute.  You probably have often taken picture of them while they are slumbering away.  But I bet your pet has never had this look on their face.  The feline in this pictures starts out looking very cute and normal.  But this changes after this cat falls asleep. I was really blown away by the almost day and night effect.  As you can see in this pictures he turns into something completely different looking.  It’s almost like looking at two different animals altogether.  I bet when this animal first displayed this behavior it really took the owner by surprise.

sleeping cat

With its eyes rolled back in its head and its tongue hanging out, you can hardly recognize this otherwise pretty little kitty.  It almost looks as if this cat is having some sort of seizure, but this animal is just fine.  The owner of this cat has taken many pictures of this animal and it seems the cat does this almost every time it takes a nap.  I for one got totally creep out when I first saw these photos, and I wonder how this owner can sleep at night knowing this almost evil looking cat is very close by.  But I am sure this feline is harmless and reports says that this cat is actually very sweet. It would be very interesting to own this very fascinating pet and I am sure that the owner gives it lots of love.

These pictures have really taken the internet by storm and many people are commenting on them.  I wonder if there will be a video of this very odd kitty?  It would really be amazing to watch this transformation take place.  It seems this cat which lives in Japan is a bit shy when it comes to video recordings.

So what do you think about this weird looking cat?  Have you ever seen anything so strange like this?  I know in my own experience this is one of the craziest things I have ever laid my eyes on. How about you?

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