Cat Missing For More Than 18 Months is Found Safe 200 Miles Away


When her cat Bob disappeared right before Christmas in 2012, Julia Jauncey was understandably devastated. After all, the ginger tomcat was well-known in their hometown of Crawcrook – he even had his very own seat at the local hairdresser! He was so loved by all that many had even had Christmas presents for him the day he disappeared. When Jauncey received a call that her beloved Bob showed up more than a year and a half later 200 miles from home, you can only imagine her reaction! After all, the cat missing for more than 18 months was found safe and sound!

“I was just in total shock, I couldn’t believe and I had to listen to the message on my answer machine again to check I was hearing them correctly,” Jauncey said.

Turns out, a vet from the East Midlands was very shocked when he checked the tomcat’s microchip and discovered that Bob was quite a while away from where he was supposed to be  – a good 200 miles away!

Apparently, Bob had been taken in by a family who was visiting their relatives in Gateshead, thinking he was a stray since he was collarless. The family then brought him to their home in Leicester and named him Galia, thinking he was female. He wasn’t with the family for long because he was then passed on to a business owner in January 2013, who eventually took the feline to the vet. It wasn’t until then that the owner saw that the cat was microchipped and found out he actually belonged to Julia. When he found out, the vet contacted Julia to give her the good news and she was finally able to reunite with her beloved long-lost pet.

The two have since reunited and things are almost back to normal in their household.

Jauncey explains: “He had been away so long and I was worried he wasn’t going to settle but it’s like he’s never been away.”

Photo Source: Chronicle Live

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