A Cat Named Buddy Survives a Fight and Gives New Meaning to Man’s Best Friend


A couple in Portland, OR was given the friend of a lifetime after they saved a strange cat from being attacked. One evening seventeen years ago, Debby Southworth was summoned by a neighbor to the side of her house, asking her, “Do you recognize that cat?” They were pointing out a strange but beautiful gray male cat up against the wall who was about to be jumped by three neighborhood cats. Before a serious cat fight ensued, Debby shooed them away and picked up the gray kitten, who thankfully purred and sagged in her arms. She noticed a collar on him and assumed the kitten had a home. While she sat on the porch and calmed the cat down, Debby’s husband looked outside the window. Upon seeing her husband looking at her, she held up the cat and said, “Look what I found! Isn’t he gorgeous?” to which he simply replied, “We aren’t keeping it.” Debby continued to pet the cat until he took off on his own.

She let her own two cats, Pete and Sugar, out in the night and in the morning, the gray cat sauntered into the house behind the two, acting like he owned the place. With a polite demeanor, the cat asked for food and was fed along with Pete and Sugar. After eating, he walked around the living room as if to scope out his new environment and gave an approving look. He then proceeded to jump on the love seat and fell asleep. When Debby’s husband came home and saw the cat sleeping, he gave her a look.

“Hey, this wasn’t my idea. He just came in and laid down. I don’t expect him to stay,” she defended.

The gray kitten became attached to Debby’s husband. He insisted he didn’t want him initially, although it was her husband who started calling the cat ‘Buddy’ right away – he fell in love. The couple noticed Buddy had ulcerations on his feet, so they soaked his paws until they healed. They put up posters looking for Buddy’s owners, but no one ever called, so they brought him back in and he was theirs ever since.

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