Cat Named Freeway is Adopted Good Samaritan Who Rescued Him from the Median of a Busy Road


A cat that was made famous by being on the news for being rescued from a busy highway now has a forever home.  The man who rescued the cat has decided to give the cat a home.  This story all started on April 9th when a two-year old cat wandered onto a busy freeway in Tucson, Arizona.  Dozens of cars flew by the kitty that was stuck on a small median strip on I-17, one of areas busiest roadways in Arizona.  The cat was trying to climb a chain link fence in hopes of reaching safety but could not scale the tall fence.

The man called the highway department but it was taking crews too long to get to the scene so the man took matters into his own hands.  The man whose name is Richard Christianson worked his way to the cat and was able to wrap him in a t-shirt and carried the feline to his car.  Very dehydrated, the cat was then taken to the Arizona Humane Society and was in very bad shape when he arrived.  The cat was in such bad shape that it had to have surgery on its jaw and on its paws.  The kitty that they now call “Freeway” had very bad burns on his skin due to being in a car engine.  This is probably how Freeway got trapped on the roadway but no one really knows how the cat ended up there.

Following his surgery the feline was kept in isolation in order to recover and once the cat was healed up he would be ready to be adopted.  But due to his TV appearance there were many people who requested to adopt the animal.  Having so many people wanting the cat put the shelter in a unusual position.  One of these people who showed interest in taking Freeway home was Richard and the shelter thought it was only right to give him first choice.  So now the feline is safe and in his new home thanks to the heroic act of one brave soul.  This story started out very serious but it truly does have a happy ending.

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