Cat named Refurb Earns $1000 by Selling Paw-Print Autographs


You may have heard of newest internet sensation cat Refurb. If you haven’t then you will now. Refurb made it to the front page of Imgur and has gained popularity on Facebook and Reddit in the past week. Then on a forum at website Something Awful the owner shared a funny story.

“One of the users joked about whether the friend asked for an autograph, and another user responded jokingly that he’d pay for a Refurb autograph – just a little paw print or something. I replied somewhat sarcastically that if he were to donate $10 to his local animal shelter, post proof, and email me his address, I would mail him a Refurb autograph. I figured he wouldn’t do it.”

That person actually wound up sending a donation right away. Then other users were asking for a “Refurbograph.” Less than a week later, there had been 35 donations from all over the US, and six different countries across four continents. Donations are still coming in, too.

As of now over $1000 has been given to animal shelters. In theory this story is silly and yet it has such an amazing silver lining. Thanks Refurb!  You can also check out Refurbs prints at Imgur.

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