The 20 Most Evil Cats from Movies or TV

How fascinating evil cats are. We may love our furry companions, but when it comes to evil cats, we cannot hide our fascination with them. How evil can evil be, we wonder? As with all bad things, there are many different levels and types of evil. Here are 20 of the kitties who put their own stamp on evilness; proving that cats of all shapes and sizes can indeed do evil very well.

Snowbell in Stuart Little

It was tough for Snowbell when Stuart Little joined the family. Snowbell’s tendency to be self-absorbed, narcissistic and downright loathsome prompts him to try to eat Stuart soon after the little mouse arrives. After being severely scolded, Snowbell spits Stuart out. But, that doesn’t stop him from some midnight threats when Stuart is settling down for the night in his new bedroom. Snowbell’s nasty behaviors toward Stuart are punctuated by plenty of nasty speech and contrived misadventures for Stuart. Snowbell refuses to help Stuart get out of the washing machine and Stuart nearly drowns. Snowbell’s greatest fear is that his friend Monty, an outside cat, will discover that Snowbell must suffer the humility of being part of a family which includes a mouse. All sorts of shenanigans ensue as Monty discovers that Snowbell has a mouse for a master.

Lucifer in Cinderella

Lucifer is a gluttonous feline with loyalty only to Lady Tremaine, his mistress. It’s completely obvious that she spoils him, convinces him that he is a king, and dotes over him as if she was his mother. For all the attention he gets, he should be a nicer cat, but he constantly sabotages Cinderella’s plans. Lucifer doesn’t care that Cinderella is kind to him. He does everything to make her work harder. He also cleverly goes about his plans to kill the mice who are Cinderella’s friends. Lucifer is a black cat with a pink nose and white muzzle. He has a fat belly which is covered with cream-colored fur to match the tip of his tail and his paws. He spends most of his time with his sharp claws and teeth bared, and his green eyes are almost always closed into a fiendish slant. He’s manipulative, sneaky, wicked, and smart enough to get Bruno, the pet dog, into trouble. Lucifer pretends that Bruno bites him, but it in truth, it is Lucifer who has bitten and scratched Bruno.

Mr. Jinx in Meet the Parents: Little Fockers 2010

In this comedy about divorce, death and family conflicts, Mr. Jinx enters the family picture as the supposed ideal birthday present for the twin’s fifth birthday. Mr. Jinx is a large and fluffy Himalayan cat with special skills. Mr. Jinx knows how to flush the toilet, so he flushes tiny dog Moses down the family RV toilet. Mr. Jinx is in the middle of all sorts of nasty feline behavior. Mr. Jinx uses the family’s precious urn as a litter box. Jack’s mother’s ashes were in the urn. Greg manages to break the urn during the family’s dinner time. Greg opens a bottle of champagne, the cork hits the urn, and the urn falls from its place of honor on the family fireplace mantel and breaks open on the hearth. Mr. Jinx, the obstinate cat he is, immediately makes himself a toilet of the cremains. Mr. Jinx is present for many incredibly awkward, and particularly nasty moments.

Mittens in Bolt

Mittens isn’t completely evil, but Bolt thinks she is. Bolt is convinced that Mittens works for Doctor Calico, so he forces Mittens to help him return to Hollywood. Unfortunately, Bolt has spent his entire life thinking that he has superpowers and must fight against Doctor Calico’s nefarious schemes. The truth is that Bolt doesn’t realize that he’s just a television star, and that he doesn’t have superpowers at all. Mitten’s worst habits included bullying pigeons away from their meals. She’s conniving, controlling, and very street savvy. She’s not kind to all those poor pigeons. When Bolt first meets Mittens, those pigeons lie to Bolt and he threatens Mittens by holding her over a freeway overpass to make her talk. She devises a huge, deceitful plan to divert Bolt away from her, but it backfires, and the two are stuck on an action-filled adventure based on lies. Bolt just wants to find his person, Penny, and sassy Mittens just messes with his mind continuously as they travel together.

Cossack Cats from An American Tail

This endearing Disney story about Fievel Mousekewitz and his Russian family as they leave Imperial Russia to make a free life in America pulled lots of heartstrings when it was released in 1986. Fievel becomes separated from his family, is lost, and then must struggle to find his way back to them. Just before they leave their town Shostka, they celebrate Hanukkah. Fievel is just 5 years old, and his Papa tells him that there are no cats in the United States. Unfortunately, their celebration is savagely cut short when the Cossacks attack Fievel’s town. The battery of militaristic horsemen set fire to the town. The Cossacks are accompanied by the cats, who attack the mice living in the town. Fievel’s home is savagely destroyed. The scene is particularly terrifying, as Cossack cats viciously burst through the town square. Flames and smoke are everywhere, and the Cossack cats have vicious teeth, sharp claws, and terrifying growls.

Mr. Bigglesworth in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Mr. Bigglesworth remains a bit of an enigma. He spends most of his on-film moments in Dr. Evil’s lap, enjoying having his fur stroked and his head patted. Dr. Evil alludes to his pet’s evil nature by noting that whenever he is upset, Mr. Bigglesworth is upset, and then “people die”. It’s a clear case of evil by association.

Poor Mr. Bigglesworth started out as a white Persian, with a long and fluffy coat of fur. But he and Dr. Evil were forced to make a quick escape inside a cryogenic capsule. Unfortunately, the capsule wasn’t well designed and for some reason, Mr. Bigglesworth lost his entire coat of fur while inside it. Scientist Mustafa said that it was impossible to anticipate “feline complications” concerning the re-animation procedure. Mustafa died rather quickly. It can only be assumed that Mr. Bigglesworth was very upset.

Mr. Tinkles from Cats and Dogs 2001

Mr. Tinkles was one in-charge cat. He was a ruthless cat who hated dogs. Mr. Tinkles lived with Mr. Mason, an industrialist; whose maid Sophie completely spoiled Mr. Tinkles. Mr. Tinkles’ main goal was to make all people suffer from dog allergies. Highly intelligent, he planned to re-order the world with his special allergy-causing formula. His evil plans included taking over the factory of his owner, Mr. Mason, to undo a cure for dog allergies which Mr. Mason had created. Mr. Tinkles decided that a nefarious altered formula would give him the power he craved. Mr. Tinkles called in mice by the thousands to work in the factory. He hired a collection of cats to serve as his mercenaries. Calico, wasn’t very smart. The Russian; a Russian Blue, and The Ninjas; four Seal point Siamese who could fly, were appointed as mercenaries to take on Mr. Tinkles evil plans. But with all the efforts thwarted, Mr. Tinkles ended up taken in by Sophie the maid and her sisters, who adored dressing him in cat outfits… which he hated as much as he hated dogs.

Kitty Galore in Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010

In this sequel to Cats and Dogs, Kitty Galore took over Mr. Tinkles’ quest to dominate the world. She was more skilled and vicious than Mr. Tinkles, though it is said that she was his girlfriend at one time. Her mastermind goals included creating a satellite which would broadcast her secret weapon worldwide. Everything in the dog world would be ruined. She was seeking revenge against all dogs because a guard dog had chased her into a vat containing hair removal cream. Though she once had a complete coat of fur, she lost it all. Her human family kicked her out, and other cats made fun of her appearance. She decided that she would use her former M.E.O.W.S secret agent skills to lash out against humans. Her secret weapon would cause all dogs to go insane and reject their owners. Once Kitty went rogue, her anger was unrelenting. She became the consummate villain in her evil thirst to make slaves of all humans.

Chloe in the Secret Life of Pets

Chloe’s evil moments tend toward the psychological. She’s mostly a typical sarcastic, self-absorbed cat…but she often says some of the meanest things to her dog friends…things calculated to keep her in control of their thoughts and the situations they experience together. Chloe’s calculating, mind-bending suggestions play on the border of mental abuse. Chloe’s loads of fun, but it’s hard to keep from wondering what she could really do to harm her dog friends if she decided to.

Jonesy in Alien 1979

Jonesy was a Ginger Tomcat who lived onboard the USCSS Nostromo. He belonged to Ellen Ripley, and his job was to keep the rodent population on the spaceship under control. The crew enjoyed his company as well. Jonesy was the reason Brett was sent into the cargo room. The crew had been hunting the Alien, and their motion tracker was set off by Jonesy. Brett was sent to catch Jonesy. The Alien emerged behind Brett. Of course, Jonesy hissed at the Alien, but the truth is he also sat and watched the Alien killing off Brett. Jonesy hissed, but barely twitched a whisker. In a strange twist, the Alien also attacked Jonesy when Jonesy was alone in his cage, but the Alien backed off, and Jonesy survived. Ripley and Jonesy were both placed in cryo-sleep after they escaped the Nostromo. They were recovered from cryostasis 57 years later. It’s not known for certain what happened to Jonesy after Ripley died in Aliens 3. It’s thought that he may still be alive. The thought that the salvage crew who recovered Jonesy and Ripley read unusual possible readings from their cryotube is still disturbing. The readings were dismissed as the combined DNA of human and feline, but this was only based on a visual inspection of the two. Fans still wonder what happened to Jonesy.

Butch from the The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957

This classic science fiction film tells the story of Scot Carey, whose life changes forever when a strange, large cloud passes over the boat he is on during a vacation in California with his wife, Louise. Scott and Louise notice that there is a mist on Scott’s skin, and it’s reflective. Over the next six months, Scott begins to lose weight, and he sees his doctor. Weeks of testing show that Scott has been exposed to radiation, and the molecular structure of his body’s cells have become rearranged. Eventually, he shrinks so that he fits inside a dollhouse. This is when the most terrifying sequence of the film takes place. Butch, Scott’s cat, attacks him in the basement. Scott tries to escape Butch, but the cat paws at him with nasty claws, vicious teeth, hisses and horrible screeches. Carey is completely at the Butch’s mercy and tries to escape into the room.

Shere Khan from The Jungle Book 1967

This animated musical was the last Walt Disney produced. It is named for Rudyard Kipling’s book, and takes its characters from it. It tells the story of Mowgli, the child raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. Mowgli makes friends with the other animals. Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther warn him about the terrible Shere Khan, the evil king of the jungle. Though Disney did not want to follow Kipling’s dramatic tone for the film, Shere Khan is still an intelligent Bengal tiger who hates humans. Shere Khan has come to fear the weapons of fire and guns and decides that he wants to kill Mowgli. George Sanders voiced Shere Khan, bringing out the malevolent character of the tiger.

Shere Khan from The Jungle Book 2016

In this live action version, Shere Khan is revealed as the tiger who killed Mowgli’s father and Akela. Shere Khan is the ruler of India’s jungles. Mowgli’s father used fire on Shere Khan’s face, leaving scars, and as a result, Shere Khan had one eye which was blinded. This backstory explains why Shere Khan is so intent on killing Mowgli. Idris Elba voiced Shere Khan, bringing the monstrous cat to life. This version of Shere Khan far exceeds the more cinical, yet still relatively family friendly version Disney created. This Bengal tiger is bloodthirsty, ruthless, savage and manipulative. Shere Khan gloats over his killing of Mowgli’s father and the wolf Akela. The entire jungle fears Shere Khan, and Mowgli still confronts him. This Shere Khan is an evil, villainous creature.

Mrs. Norris from the Harry Potter Series

Argus Filch owned Mrs. Norris, and together they patrolled the corridors of Hogwarts to see if they could catch students breaking the rules. Filch was a Squib, and because he couldn’t perform magic, was constantly at war with the gifted students at the school. He often patrolled at night, and he kept a complete record of the students he punished. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were always on Filch’s radar. Mrs. Norris shared some of the evil attitudes of Filch, simply by being his cat. Unfortunately, Mrs. Norris was petrified by an evil presence, and Filch accused Harry of doing the evil deed. Filch was vicious, but his cat was finally cured, and he was reunited with her. He spent much time with Mrs. Norris afterward, and ultimately came to prove that his caretaking of Hogwarts was worthy of some measure of respect.

Mr. Fuzzypants from Nine Lives

Tom Brand is a supreme businessman failing at being a father. He’s an arrogant man, but he’s decided that he should give his daughter the cat she really wants for her birthday. In an odd magical moment, Brand is hit by lightening and his brain is transferred into the cat’s body. He’s doomed to stay a cat for a very long time, and he’s at the mercy of Christopher Walken, the mysterious owner of the cat store. Mr. Fuzzypants displays all the anger and self-centered focus of Tom Brand. There’s plenty of nastiness that he brings to the story, as he struggles and hates being a cat. He’s vicious and funny all at the same time.

Scar from The Lion King 1994

A stampede is raging, and Simba is in its way. He begs for his father’s help, and Mufasa recues Simba. Then, Mufasa begs his brother for help, and Scar turns on him. Scar viciously claws Mufasa’s paws from a tenuous grip on the slope above the stampede. Scar kills his own brother Mufasa under cover of the stampede.

The Tiger from The Hangover

The gents are still waking up from their night of partying. They’re completely hungover. They discover the tiger in their car. The tiger does what tigers do, and goes on a rampage, ripping the car interior to shreds and clawing skin wherever possible.

Sylvester the Cat in Looney Tunes

Sylvester had roles in 103 golden age cartoons. Three of them won Academy Awards. Sylvester was known by his slobbery lisp. Sylvester was almost always the antagonist in his cartoons. He spent lots of time chasing other characters, being the reason other characters were harmed, and chasing mice. In many of his cartoons he spent his time trying to capture and devour Tweety, the bird. At one time, Sylvester even took a potion which transformed him into a monstrous feline. In his cartoons, there were always winners and losers, but Sylvester was most often the loser.

The Black Cat from “The Black Cat” of 1941

This black and white horror film featured legends of classic black and white horror films Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone, Alan Ladd, and Hugh Herbert. In the film, the story focuses on the strange events which take place while Henrietta Winslow’s family is waiting for her death. They arrive at her home, but she was murdered while cremating a poisoned cat. A black cat turns up, and has strange appearances throughout; even escaping from the coffin of the dead cat fancier Mrs. Winslow. The family members are convinced that the black cat is the symbol of death. The cat’s evil howl is intended to set the scene for the mayhem which takes place when the greedy heirs struggle through a series of murders and hunts through secret passageways. In the end, the black cat knocks over a candle which sets the murderer on fire and opens the true identity to the people gathered at the stately mansion.

Church from Pet Sematary

In this vivid horror film based on a story by Stephen King, Church is a cat owned by Ellie Creed. Her father Louis Creed receives an appointment to become director of the campus health service at the University of Maine. Their new house is next to a busy highway. The Creed family is introduced to a pet “sematary” where children from town bury their pets. After Thanksgiving, Church is unfortunately run over, and Louis decides to bury Church in an ancient Micmac Indian burial ground. Jud, their elderly neighbor has told Louis that animals who are buried there have been known to come back to life. Louis thinks nothing of it, until Church comes home the day after his burial. Church starts to hunt birds and mice, only to rip them apart without eating them. Church also smells horrible. Things only go from bad to worse after that for the Creed family.

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