Cat Attacks Seven Pit Bulls and Woman in Protective Mode

dog attacker

How many times do we hear stories of pit bulls attacking people and animals? We hear them a lot. We don’t think that the breed is a bad breed. We think that a lot of pet owners are terrible at that, and that’s what creates dogs that attack and don’t behave. We also don’t believe that it’s just this particular breed that attacks and harms others; it’s just more common to heart of it because of the stereotype associated with the breed. One thing is for certain, however; you never, ever, never, ever, ever hear of a cat attacking a pit bull. You also never hear of a cat attacking seven pit bulls at one time, but that’s what happened recently in British Columbia. Betty Jean Thompson was in her yard working in her garden when a woman named Kyla walked by with seven pit bulls belonging to a local group.

The cat was outside and went crazy, attacked all seven of the dogs and accidently injured the dog walker. She was taken to the hospital with a few injuries, and one dog was sent to the vet right away with serious injuries. The cat was not provoked by the dogs in any way, it just went completely crazy when it saw them walking by. The dogs did not fight back at all, but the owner of the cat did take care to cover the cost of the ER bill for the woman injured as well as the vet bill for the injured dog. Now there is a story you don’t hear all too often.  

dogs attacked by cat

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