Cat Faces A Pit bull Attack Just To Save This 97-Year Old Lady

Pit bull attack

A very brave cat recently has done something simply amazing.  This daring feline stopped four pit bulls from attacking a 97-year-old woman who was working in her yard.  The dogs surrounded the woman and begin to circle her like a pack of wolves. One dog even lunged at the woman that scared her very badly.  Not knowing what to do next the woman we now know as Sophie had nowhere to turn or to run.  In a desperate move, Sophie hit the dog on the head and the canine backed off.  But this very dangerous encounter was not over with yet.

Another pit bull decided to try and take a shot at Sophie and she hit him on the head as well. But then out of nowhere something amazing was about happen.  Out of the corner of the chaos the woman cat jumped in the middle of the dogs.  Getting their attention, the cat ran into the garage and the dogs followed in hot pursuit.  This gave Sophie the chance to get inside her home and away from the dogs.  She was able to get inside before the dogs came back and thanks to her cat she was now safe from any danger. She was very shaken by the event.

While she didn’t escape completely unharmed she was able to get away without major injury.  Once inside she waited for the dogs to leave and washed her wounds off in the kitchen sink. Sophie thought that her beloved cat whose name is Tiger would surely be killed by the four very large dogs she was very afraid of.  But again something amazing happened and the cat appeared at the door looking to get in.  Sophie quickly let Tiger in where he would also be safe from the attacking dogs.  Luckily, both the woman and the cat are now safe.  The owners of the dogs commented that the dogs are actually friendly animals and were only trying to play with the elderly woman.  The owner said she was sorry for what happened and blamed the incident on her son who failed to shut his bedroom dog allowing the dogs to escape.

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