Cat Stuck Under Interstate for 9 Days is Saved by Electricians

Saved Cat

Christmas is usually a time for celebrating, getting together with family, and giving gifts. It is supposed to be a festive and cheerful time of year in which all the stresses of life can be put to the side for a moment as we come together for meals and laughter. For unlucky individuals like Erin McCutcheon, this is not always the case.

While thousands of homes were enjoying their Christmas family gatherings, McCutcheon was desperately searching for her lost Russian Blue cat, Juno. Juno went missing on Christmas Day as McCutcheon and her boyfriend were driving to her mother’s house. Unfortunately, the cat’s disappearance also put a damper on the rest of McCutcheon’s holiday, as she was planning on taking a trip to Mexico.

After noticing that Juno had gone missing, McCutcheon did everything she could think of to find the cat. She spent the next ten hours looking around and making calls, but to no avail. Even after putting up fliers and enlisting the help of friends, there was simply no sight of Juno. McCutcheon even went so far as to install security cameras and hire a dog that was trained to locate missing pets. After all these measures had failed, the outlook was truly bleak.

Incredibly, Juno did turn up, nine days after going missing. Despite the incredible measures McCutcheon had taken to find her cat, it was by simple blind luck that she was rescued. Two electricians who were working under Interstate 93 found and rescued Juno. After rescuing her, they managed to track down McCutcheon to reunite the two.

Saved Cat 2

Juno’s story is remarkable not only because she was found so long after going missing, but also because of how dangerous those nine days were for the cat. Juno had not simply been roaming the streets; she was trapped on top of a steel beam under the interstate for the entire time. By pure chance, Jay Dondero and a colleague went to rewire the lighting on the particular part of the lower deck where Juno was stranded. At 1:00 in the morning, they found the cat, scared and alone atop a steel beam.

Armed with kind hearts and a can of cat food, Dondero managed to save Juno. McCutcheon was understandably overwhelmed when her cat was brought back to her. She had apparently been searching directly beneath where Juno was trapped, but was unable to see the feline. Juno could probably see and hear her mother searching for her.

Juno’s story is a happy one, although it could have been much worse. A combination of pure luck, persistence, and Juno’s resilience allowed for the cat to be rescued. It is an inspiring tale of courage and dedication, as neither Juno nor McCutcheon were willing to give up on one another. With Dondero’s help, the cat was brought back to where she belonged. While this frightful ordeal is a memorable one, it is safe to assume that McCutcheon will be keeping a closer eye on her beloved cat on road trips from now on.

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