Who is Lady Bug Naked, The Inspirational Sphynx Cat?

Lady Bug 1

The dawn of a new year always brings about the same trends. Gyms will fill up with enthusiastic novices, cleaner diets will be followed, and many individuals will vow to live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these resolutions fail within the first few weeks. Often, this is a symptom of lacking motivation. While the new year may motivate people to try to form new habits, the sources of inspiration that can be found afterwards are much more scarce. For this reason, inspirational figures like the Lady Bug Naked Sphynx Cat are highly useful in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Lady Bug Naked is a Sphynx cat whose social media presence reveals a unique and exciting life. As her mother is a captain on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, Lady Bug has been able to travel the world. In addition to being interesting, she is also dedicated to helping people become their best selves. Here are a few of the ways that we can learn from this Sphynx cat in 2017.

Lady Bug 2

Be More Confident

In a world where people are constantly being evaluated by friends, family, and strangers online, the weight of societal expectations can be smothering. However, Lady Bug Naked is an example of someone who values her own happiness over meeting such expectations.

With several pictures in her birthday suit, Lady Bug is a shining example of being comfortable in one’s own skin. Anyone who has felt pressured to change the way they look for someone else should follow this feline’s lead; the only opinion that matters with regards to your appearance is your own.

It can also take confidence to stand up for yourself. Lady Bug has shown the courage to tell her dad to back off when he tried to steal her favorite toy. If the rest of us could adopt this type of confidence, we would be much more likely to attain what we desire.

Lady Bug 3

Develop Good Habits

For many people, the new year is an opportunity to begin a journey of self-improvement. Any successful individual will tell you that success does not happen overnight. Developing good habits that can be sustained in the long run is the best way to meet the lofty goals that people set with their resolutions.

For Lady Bug, this means living life in a way that is neither indulgent nor restrictive. Instead, she tries to be healthy while having a treat or nap here and there. Further, while she does not try to change her appearance to suit others, she is clearly making a concerted effort to become healthier. She stretches regularly and makes sure to take bubble baths to stay clean. It is always a good idea to pursue a healthier lifestyle while not being afraid to treat yourself occasionally.

Adopt an Open and Positive Mindset

One of the greatest lessons that can be learned from Lady Bug Naked is that the engine driving any successful resolution is a positive mindset. She is a cat who is open to new experiences, foods, and clothes. With the open-mindedness of this cat, just about anyone can find ways to meet their goals for the coming year.

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