The World’s First Art Exhibition for Cats and Dogs is Finally Coming

When you think of art exhibits, you typically picture humans walking around enjoying the different exhibits, however, this particular art exhibit is not for humans, but for their furry little friends. The art exhibit will be hosted by Singapore and it is an interactive art exhibit for both cats and dogs.

At the Paw:sitive exhibition, your pets will be in for a real (literal) treat, when they get to do some real interesting things, like fly through the clouds and step inside a gigantic cat’s belly to poke around a bit. Another exhibit, the Peek-a-Pooch installation, the dogs visiting are all encouraged to poke their heads through the little peep holes set up just for them. When they look through the holes, what they see on the other side is a full length mirror, or actually, an image of themselves in the mirror that reflects all of their cuteness. They also get a treat.

The artists who designed the installation, explains how they installed a speaker in the corner that plays sounds for the dogs, sounds that they like and attract them so that they will want to take a peek. They’ll hear a squeaky toy squeak, maybe even a treat bag tear open.

Jes and Jalon are the creators of the installation and they say that they got the idea for the creation when they saw dogs poking their heads through holes in neighbors’ fences. It took about three months to create it, primarily because there were little kinks to work out. The main issues were making sure that all the holes had smooth edges so the holes didn’t hurt their necks when they stuck their heads through. They also had to all be big enough holes that no one got their head stuck in the holes.

The installation is just one of ten exhibits at the Paw:sitive exhibition. Four exhibits are for cats while six are for dogs.

On the cats’ side of the exhibition is the exhibit known as “The Cat’s Belly,” and it is knitted for softness and allows cats to crawl inside and let them explore a space that replicates the inside of a cat’s belly. Inside the exhibit are four chambers, or rooms. One has cat food, another chamber was sprayed with cat pheromones and is lined with a soft material, the third is lined with little bells for creating a soothing sound, and the fourth room, well, that one has been left a mystery. At least for now.

Kelly Limerick is the artist of “The Cat’s Belly”, and she says that it took her about four weeks to complete the installation. She told Mashable, in an interview, “I used different kinds of yarn to knit this entire piece, and I made sure to use a different type of yarn for each part because I feel like cats can feel the difference. I’ve always liked cats so I thought that the visual imagery of a cat coming out of a bigger cat was quite interesting.”

Wellness, the pet food brand, organized and sponsored the event, and it was all tested by animal behaviorists and veterinarians, so you know your pets are safe, and in good hands when they participate in the different exhibits. The event will be happening between September 30 and October 8 in Singapore. If you want to have something different and fun to do with your pets, this is it, but you better hurry because it is anticipated that there will be a line at the door.


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