The Cat That No One Wanted: This is the Tale of Bunny FooFoo


Cleveland, Ohio resident Lauren had just moved out on her own when she wanted to find a cat. Since she had the space and time, she wanted to get a cat in need of rescue. Lauren made her way to a lady’s house across town who had put an ad in the paper saying she had nine cats available – strays that she was feeding. When she went there to look, every single cat Lauren asked for, the woman wouldn’t give away.

“How about that one?” Lauren would ask her. “Oh, no, he’s been with me for years.” “This one is friendly, how about him?” “No no, I don’t think so, he only trusts me…”

Their conversation carried on like this regarding every single cat. Finally, she asked, “Which one are you willing to give me? Any?”

The woman said, “Well, there’s one cat who stays in the corner in the basement and doesn’t come out unless there’s food. Then he runs back down there. He doesn’t like anyone.”

So she put food out and the two waited. Suddenly, a little orange face turned the corner, and the cat sat there at the doorway, scared to come near. His hair was a few inches long, mangled in burrows, matted, and dirty. Half of his ear was missing and he had 6 teeth. The poor feline also had an eye and ear infection.

Lauren took him home and went immediately to the vet and groomer the very next day, and, all of a sudden, the cat’s personality drastically changed. Now the kitty is outgoing, friendly, and definitely too unique to just be called Fluffy, so she named him Bunny FooFoo after the nursery rhyme – the name fits him like a glove. Bunny FooFoo has been with his owner now for seven years and, according to her, he still has the heart of a kitten.

Photo Source: Lauren via The Animal Rescue Site

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