Cat Who Overcame Amputation Finds a Forever Home


Randi the cat has had quite the life: before undergoing an amputation to her extremely injured leg, she was living as one of seven red feral kittens (as well as four adult cats) in a kind elderly man’s backyard. The old man and his caretaker were happy to allow the cats to live there and they even fed them. And, in true cat loving fashion, they wanted all of the kittens to be spayed and/or neutered so that they could all have better lives. They brought in Thundering Paws, a no-kill, non-profit rescue organization in the Texas area, to help with that – and in turn, Thundering Paws sent trappers to trap the kittens and cats to get spayed and neutered.

The first day, they were able to trap four kittens and three adults and the next day, they trapped the remaining adult and two kittens – Randi was the last one left! She refused to be trapped but they quickly discovered she was the one who needed it most, as her left hind leg had been badly injured. Finally, four days after they set the traps, they were successful and got Randi. Because of the severity of the injury to her leg as well as her age, her leg needed to be amputated. Aside from that, her right kneecap (also known as the patella) was dislocated, but they would have to wait on repairing it.

After her surgery, Randi went back to Thundering Paws – and she certainly came back with a snappy “cattitude”! She snapped and hissed at everyone who so much as looked at her, and was quite nasty to the other felines. While her kitten siblings were learning to be held and touched, no one could barely touch Randi – that is, until a staff member named Everett came along and met the anxious cat. Since then, Everett became known as the cat whisperer – and rightfully so! He is currently taming and fostering the feline.

The day that Randi was captured, the trapper had no choice to bring her in to an adoption event that same afternoon. A couple ended up gravitating toward the feline and after hearing the news about her and seeing Randi at her worst as well as after much discussion, they expressed interest in adopting the cat. At the moment, Randi is waiting for her second surgery and is still spending time with Everett, who is working with her on a daily basis. After more time with Everett, the couple will be adopting little Randi, giving her an indoors home and all the love she could possibly need!

(Photo Source: Thundering Paws)

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