Cat Who Was Overlooked Due to Appearance is an Internet Sensation


When it comes to cats, you can’t really go wrong – they are all in some capacity “cute” with their furry bodies, pointy ears and adorable faces. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that, which is why a rescue cat in Denmark with a slight facial abnormality was overlooked and spent a long time at an animal shelter before he was finally adopted. The feline, Monty, was born with chromosomal abnormalities causing the cat to lack a nasal bridge and giving him a less-than-traditional look.

Sadly, because of his unique appearance, Monty wasn’t considered by many potential adoptive families and was passed on often. It wasn’t until last summer when a woman and her boyfriend saw the kitty’s photo online that someone really expressed interest in the cat. Mikala Fuglesang had seen Monty’s picture and showed it to boyfriend Michael Bjorn, and the two just knew they had to meet the little guy! The couple already had two cats of their own and weren’t planning on adding to their animal family, but ended up falling in love with Monty and caving, adopting the precious kitty. They’ve had him for a year or so already and despite being passed on by others previously, the special cat has the last laugh: he’s now somewhat of an Internet celebrity, with more than 50,000 likes on Facebook!

Aside from the feline’s non-traditional look, he’s just a normal cat. While his abnormality comes with a slight bladder problem and frequent sneezing, caring for the feline poses little to no problem at all! He gets along well with his new family, including his feline siblings Mikkel and Malle. Monty’s human parents just adore their third cat child and explained that they connected instantly with the feline when they met him at the shelter for the first time. They are big advocates for homeless cats, like their beloved Monty once was.

“It is important for us to tell the world that there [are] so many homeless animals in shelters around the world, just sitting and waiting for their forever home,” Bjørn said. “You might find your next best friend. And remember that appearance does not mean anything, it’s the personality that counts.”

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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