This Cat Plays Patty Cake Better Than Any of Us Can

kitten playing patty cake

There is always so much bad news and doom and gloom in the world, and we hate to bring you that news so often. However, it’s what people do and it’s what makes headlines so appealing to so many people. On that note, we think we might try and bring you at least one mindless happy video or story every single day that makes you smile and has every single thing to do with cats. After all, who doesn’t love cats? Well, the people who do the horrible things to them that we have to report to you so often; but they clearly are not humans and they don’t count right now. We’re here to make your day with this video and we hope that it cheers you up on a Wednesday in which you might have found some otherwise horrible news in some other way, shape or form.

We are proud to announce that this cat is awesome, and that he’s not doing anything even remotely special. He’s just playing patty cake with his human. We love it because he’s clearly good at it, and because he has some seriously good skills when it comes to patty cake. The only other person I’ve ever seen with skills this good is my two-year-old little boy. Even his twin sister isn’t as good at it as he is, but he focuses and puts a lot of thought and effort into his game. This cat is like that, too, and we love it to an extent that probably is not normal.

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