Cat Protects Its House and Family from a Wild Bear

Cat attacks bear

Dogs are known to protect their family from danger.  But did you know that cats are also capable of protecting its family even from a wild bear?  Watch the video enclosed below and be amazed with the cat’s braveness to face a bear cub, who is many times his size.

As the video starts, you will notice a bear cub climbing the stairs of the house and snatched a bag of trash.  While the homeowners are busy panicking, their family cat suddenly decided to go out of the house and confront the bear.   You will see the bear cub jumped out of the stairs as the feline unexpectedly jumped out of the window.

The feline didn’t stop at the stairs.  He pursued the bear cub who is now at the yard.  Based on the feline’s body language, arching of the back, he was basically trying to tell the bear cub to back off and leave.  The young bear didn’t understand what the cat was trying to do.  As he moves towards the cat, the brave feline attacked using its long and sharp claws.  Moving slowly and very cautious, the bear cub managed to grab the trash that was on the foot of the stairs and run away with it into the woods.

The cat’s owners were scared of the bear as they tried to shoo the wild animal away by knocking on the walls, which didn’t really work.  The cat in the video is one heck of a brave cat to shoo something that’s way bigger than his size.

Amazingly, the bear cub was scared of the cat.  We think it’s because he is young.  Plus, all he came in the house for was to get something to eat.  The poor cub was probably starving and didn’t really care about fighting with the cat.  But if it happened to be an adult bear, it would have end up differently and most likely bad for the cat.

Anyways, it’s nice to know that cats are capable of protecting its family.  So now you know that it’s an understatement to say that only dogs can protect its family.

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