Cat Puts On the Sad “Don’t Leave Me” Face Every Time Daddy Leaves For Work

Don't Leave!

There comes a point in all our lives when we realize that sometimes getting out of the house to run an errand is more difficult than it seems. For me, it all began with my dog. My husband and I had no children but we did have a maltipoo puppy, and we found it really difficult to leave that sweet pup behind when we left thanks to the look of sadness and abandonment that darn dog perfected. So, he went almost everywhere with us (not always fun).

Now we have four kids; and when daddy gets home from work and I have the opportunity to go to the supermarket all by myself, I run out the door without looking back. Our kids do this thing where they look sad and offended that I want to spend even a second without them, and they make me feel awful. So I’ve perfected the art of sneaking all stealth ninja-like out of the house.

cat giving sad eyes

This guy, though; he can’t do that. He has a cat that guilt-trips him every single time he leaves and he cannot get away from it. His cat is saddened when he leaves. So much so that he first waits by the door when he notices that his human is even thinking of leaving. Then he begins to stare at his human with a look of sadness and despair. He might be a cat, but he has the puppy dog eyes down to a science. And then he does the unthinkable; he tries to stop the door from shutting with his paw.

How this man doesn’t become a hermit and stop leaving his house at all is completely beyond me. I’d never be able to go anywhere with this kind of sadness in my life. No, he just needs an escape plan.

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