This Cat Really Loves the Russian National Anthem


As a member of a specific nation’s society, whenever the nation’s anthem is being played, there are certain things we need to do and/or say while it is happening. No matter which anthem is playing or being recited, it’s a universal understanding that respect would be a key message. For example, while the national anthem is being sung or played in the United States, it is respectful and expected that people stand at attention, take off any hats, and put their right hand over their heart, as well as remain quiet.

In the video below, a very respectful and patriotic Russian cat stands at attention when the Russian national anthem is being played. In the 51-second video, you see a man laying down on a bed with his phone in his hands. A white cat is on the bed with the man leaning on the wall. Right when the man cues up a recording of the Russian national anthem, the feline gets in position, stands on its hind legs and stands straight, with the utmost respect. The cat even looks at the man when he laughs at the feline, giving him a look like, “Hey, why aren’t you standing up too?”

The cat’s owner Oleg Bouboulin (the man featured in the video) has said,  “I can only assume she’s been watching the parades out the window because we don’t have a TV. When I first heard the anthem on the radio and saw her at the same time I realised she really was standing to attention. I called my girlfriend on the phone and she didn’t believe me, then when she came home I played the anthem again on my mobile phone and she had to admit it was the truth.” Too funny!

Photo Source: YouTube

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