Cat Refuses to Give Up the Vacuum Cleaner and Hilarity Ensues


Many pets are terrified of the vacuum cleaner and will often run away from the home cleaning appliance once it starts to whir and work its magic. The loud sound combined with the whirring and aggressive lights it so often has, it’s no surprise as to why animals, especially cats, would be afraid and want to avoid the contraption all together. Loud sounds in general are often not all too pleasant for the animal ear and will aggravate cats and dogs, who end up freaking out when it comes alive. Not all animals or even cats share that frightened sentiment though: one cat actually seems to enjoy the loud whirring of the vacuum cleaner – to the point of not putting down the nozzle of the vacuum, as if there was something we didn’t know in it! In a viral video, an adorable cat cannot get enough of the vacuum!

In the video below, you can see the feline holding with its paws the nozzle of a loud, whirring vacuum cleaner. While most animals are deathly afraid of the vacuum, this brave Russian kitty seems to know something we don’t – like maybe some catnip or a treat that is about to come up out of it, perhaps?! The funny feline can’t seem to let go of the vacuum, which is very unusual and strange behavior for a cat. The vacuum cleaner seems to have become the kitty’s new favorite toy, which doesn’t seem like such a big issue for the cat’s owner – or those of us who adore watching cats be their hilarious selves, as is the case here! What would make it even better all around is if the cat learned not only how to play with the vacuum cleaner, but to also use it and maybe even do a lap with the vacuum all around the house. That would really make for some great footage!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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