Cute Cat Kallie Rescued After Being in a Tree for Four Days


A couple in Royal Oak, MI is feeling pretty good after their cat Kallie was finally saved.   The worst part of all is that Ken and Susan Corbin were actually able to see their cat in the tree.   She was covered in snow and at one point Ken could have sworn that she might have frozen to death.   The Corbins contacted located tree trimming companies but to no avail.  It wasn’t until their son asked Royal Oak Patch for help did anything happen.

One family on the street, Don and Emily Bogart, came over with their son and said they had rented a scissor lift to try to rescue the cat. They wanted no compensation for the rental. “She said she saw it on Patch. They have cats of their own so they came by,” Susan Corbin said. “It was so sweet.” Kallie climbed higher in the tree, though, and the scissor lift couldn’t reach.
Shortly after that, Kenny Corbin got a call from Brian Murdock, owner of tree trimming business Good Ol’ Boys in Livonia. Murdock said he saw a post on Facebook about the cat and wanted to help. “I’m an animal lover myself,” Murdock said. “In the post it said the cat was in the tree for four days so I hurried up and got over there.” Murdock says Kallie was about 60 feet up in the top of a Silver Maple tree. In order to get her down, one of his employees climbed the tree with tree spikes and a harness on. “The cat was out of reach so we had to kind of like lasso the rope to the cat and a branch,” he says. Then the employee cut the branch a bit, pulled it closer and got the cat by the nape of her neck, placed her in a pillow case and lowered her down. Murdock, who says he does about five cat rescues a year, charged $150 for the service. “The homeowners were in tears,” Murdock said. “I think the cat used all nine lives on that one.”

The important part of this story is that Kallie is now safe and back with her owners. But it just goes to show what a little community can do. The sad part of the story is when the Corbin’s actually tried resolving the situation with “professionals” no one was sympathetic to their situation. They had to take to Facebook to get the job done. But hey, we’re just glad it all worked out.

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