Cat is Rescued From Air Conditioning System in China


Cats tend to sometimes get themselves stuck in a pickle, thanks to their ever-curious ways. But for the most part, they can usually get themselves out because of their smarts as well as their quick reflexes. Sometimes though, they get themselves into a jam where they absolutely need the aid and assistance of their human friends. A curious ginger cat knows the situation all-too-well: the cat is rescued in China after it had to be saved by firemen when it got itself stuck in an air conditioning system last week – talk about going out on a limb!

The feline’s owner had reached out and called the emergency services to inform them that her pet cat had chased a rat into her building’s air conditioning system and was unable to get out of it. That was when firemen in Sichuan Province, China responded. One orange-jumpsuit wearing fireman had to make his way down a side of the building and channel his inner Spider Man, walking a very narrow ledge in order to get where the trapped ginger cat was. Keeping his own balance, the firemen ended up using a net to try to get the cat to safety. It took a couple of tries, but he was finally able to get the feline caught in the net and from there he lifted it off where it could be safe and sound.

In the end, it took six firemen and about a 20-minute ordeal to make it a successful rescue for both feline and fireman. The cat – and its incredibly relieved owner – are reportedly doing just fine now. You can see the video of the heroic rescue HERE.

Photo Source: Newsflare

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