Cat Rescued From Burning Building While Delivering Her Kittens


On the morning of Friday May 9th, flames tore through a three-leveled multi-family home located on Laban Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Luckily all of the residents were able to escape from the severe fire and head to safety – including a mother cat that was in the middle of giving birth at the time the fire struck!

Ruthann Santiago, a resident at the home, exited the building to make a call to the fire department, and then proceeded to go back into the burning building to get the cat rescued. When she went looking for the feline, she discovered that the pregnant cat had already delivered some of her kittens.

“After we came out and called the fire department, I went back up to get the cat, and she already had some of the babies,” Santiago said. “She had some of the babies during the fire.”

After her rescue, the mother cat delivered the rest of the babies outside in the back of a car; she ended up birthing eight kittens. They are reportedly doing well.

The firefighters that responded arrived on the scene to find that the flames were coming from the first floor of the home, with the flames quickly spreading to the entire building. The 11 residents of the building were given assistance with housing and other basic necessities by the Red Cross.

Photo Source: WPRI

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