Cat Rescued By Fire and Police Departments After Being Stuck In a Tree For a Week


For more than a week a cat had been stuck in a tree and survived the torrential down-pouring rain that had started on April 30.  On Thursday the cat finally found itself back on the ground. A resident had discovered her cat had climbed a very tall tree and was also reported by a passer-by. Thanks to Douglass Township police and the New Hanover Township Fire Company, the cat has been rescued from an even longer stint in the tree.

According to police officer Mark Dykie, the department had started receiving calls about the poor cat on Wednesday into Thursday, when the heavy rain was abundant and showed no signs of letting up.

“We thought it would come down on its own,” Dykie said.  He also said that once the officials learned the cat had been there for more than a week, they decided to call the fire company for  assistance. According to a post on the police department’s Facebook page, it stated that Tyler Moyer of Station 37 was the one who took action and climbed up the ladder to have the cat rescued.

“The owner was very happy to be reunited with her family member once again,” the post stated. Thinking back, Dykie admitted that he doesn’t recall ever reporting an incident like this before – it’s the first of its kind.

Photo Source: Douglass Township Police Department of Montgomery County

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