Cat is Rescued from the Gas Tank of a News Vehicle

Here’s an amazing video from WBTV in Charlotte, NC. As often happens with cats, they tend to wander off and hide in places quite often. At first the man in the video says “it might be a lion.” Obviously he heard the sounds and the purring and was being sarcastic. Still though, he knew that there was a critter roaming around somewhere in that car.

After carefully checking the entire news vehicle, the two men discovered that somehow managed to find its way near the gas tank. As you can see it’s a tiny little kitty. So far we don’t know the name or if an owner has claimed the tiny cat.

The kitten is being treated at a Salisbury veterinarian office after it was rescued from the bottom of a news vehicle. WBTV’s David Whisenant was driving his WBTV vehicle, a Ford Explorer, when he heard something that sounded like an animal in his car. That’s when Whisenant stopped by Jerry’s Shell gas station, where Joe Bost found a kitten wedged on top of the gas tank.

After a short while, Bost was able to rescue the kitten, now dubbed the “News Cat,” and put the kitten in an old headlight box. Whisenant then took the kitten to the vet to be checked out. The vet told WBTV that the kitten is a female cat and was not injured in the incident. It’s believed that “News Cat” crawled up into the vehicle while it was parked outside between 6:45 and 9:15 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Once she is available for adoption, we’ll let you know. Story via

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