A Cat is Rescued off the Subway Tracks by NYPD


Cats don’t like going to the vet. It’s that simple. Often times they are more than comfortable at home and traveling by public transportation isn’t ideal for them. For one sweet black cat named George, a typical vet trip became newsworthy. While traveling with Mila Rusafova, George was on the NYC subway standing at the loading station when a loud noise startled him. And that’s where the story begins…..

Here’s how it all went down according to the NYPD Facebook page.

Police Officer Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas helped to rescue a frightened kitten from the subway tracks during today’s rush hour in Manhattan. George, a cat from Washington Heights, got scared by the noise of a train and broke free from his owner at the Canal Street station.

Riders on the platform flagged down an uptown E motorman as the train pulled into the station and the train was stopped. Transit Police Officers Kenny and Vargas climbed onto the front of the E train at the station, then went down onto the tracks. Police Officer Vargas went first to make sure the cat wouldn’t run further down the tracks, while Police Officer Kenny was able to pick up the cat, who was inches from the third rail, and lift him up to his owner on the platform.

“I gave him a little scratch on the head,” Police Officer Kenny said. “He looked at us. I picked him up, he reached for both of my shoulders like a baby. He almost hugged me.”

“He looked at us. I picked him up, he reached for both of my shoulders like a baby. He almost hugged me,” Kenny said. “I love animals. Nothing would have happened to George. We were going to make sure of it.”

And George is OK!

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