Cat Rescued out of a Hot Truck in Michigan


Things got a little crazy in Dearborn, Michigan the other day.  Police had to come to the rescue of a little cat who was stuck in a truck after getting the call.   A resident called the police to say that a pick up truck (1996 Toyota) with a Kentucky license plate had periodically been parking in front of her condo community.   This had been taking place for three weeks.

When officers came to check out the scene they found a little black and white cat panting in the backseat.   The cat’s tongue was hanging out.  The temperature outside was 82 degrees but considerably hotter outside.  The window was open a crack but not nearly enough to give the cat any real air.

The officer pulled on the glass and was able to reach the lock on the door.  She then pulled the cat out and put her in the air conditioned car.  The resident said a large white man in his 50s had been living and sleeping in the truck, which was full of rotten garbage and flies and had a strong odor, police said. There was cat food and a litter box in the truck.

The officer left a note on the man’s windshield that his cat was taken to the shelter.  We hope that the man living in the truck gets charged with animal cruelty.

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