Cat is Rescued After Being Stuck in a Burning Home for 4 Hours

Cat in fire

Last Wednesday, a cat in Mint Hill, North Carolina miraculously survived a deadly fire that devastated the house her and her family lived in.  Marissa the cat was not able to get out of the house when it got caught on fire.  The feline was found by one of the firefighters after almost 4 hours of battling the fire.  Apparently, the kitty got stuck between the walls of the destroyed house while doing a routine check after the fire was successfully put out.

David Leath, Mint Hill Fire Chief told ABC News last Wednesday: “One of our guys was walking around the house, which was almost completely collapsed, when he heard a meow.  He pried one of the outside walls and found the cat stuck inside.”

Firefighters immediately brought the cat out and gave her some Oxygen and sent her to Sycamore Animal Clinic for further treatment.  Fire Chief Leath has paid a visit to Marissa at the clinic and the feline was meowing.  “The vet said she’s on a 24-hour watch and she was doing well. The cat is expected to recover from smoke inhalation, a couple burn marks and an injured eye,” says Leath.

Cat in fire 1

Around 3:30 AM last Wednesday, the deadly blaze was said to have started when vehicle caught on fire either in the garage or in the driveway.  The cat’s family barely escaped the fire.   Fortunately, the eldest son of the family noticed it and was able to alert his family to get out before their house exploded.

The explosion was heard and felt by the neighbors. One of the neighbors who saw the fire said: “We could see the flames in the garage, about 15 to 20 feet up above.  We could see all the trusses burning in the garage and throughout the house. The whole house was glowing.”

Although the fire destroyed the house, the survival of the whole family is what matters most.  I’m really glad that nobody was hurt badly from the incident.  Marissa the cat’s recovery is truly an amazing one.  She has successfully used one of her life during that fire.  Hopefully, she will fully recover from her injuries soon and be home with her family again.

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