Cat Reunited With Beloved Pet Owner After 10 Years


Losing a cat under any circumstance – whether it is by death or a disappearance – is devastating. After all, our pets often become a part of our family and are usually our best friends. Having a cat all of sudden go missing through loss or just getting lost is a heartbreaking situation – one that David Allinson can relate to. When the Henlow man’s pet cat disappeared in June 2003, he was understandably devastated. It’s been over 10 years since then and it wasn’t until recently that the owner and his cat reunited! The hours that he spent combing the city, passing out flyers and putting ads in the local paper trying to get his cat back only to attract mean people who pulled cruel hoaxes was all worth it, albeit a long while later.

“I was devastated when Percy went missing and did all I could to try and find him, but as the years went by I truly believed I would never see him again,” Allinson admitted. “I wondered when the weather was particularly bad if he was safe and warm and often feared the worst.”

It was over a decade ago, but not too long ago, a co-worker ended up contacting Allinson and told him that his beloved Percy had actually been living with her neighbor. It was discovered that the missing feline had wandered off just 15 miles away to the nearby village of Cockayne Hatley and had become friends with an elderly woman who took him in. When the woman passed away, her neighbor, a woman named Ruth Hart, felt sorry for the cat who was left behind and ended up taking him in. However, it was a scan that revealed the identity of the cat’s real owner. Allinson and Ruth arranged to meet so that Percy’s former owner could reunite with his long-lost cat. At first the feline was afraid but soon recognized Allinson’s voice and ran straight for him, leaving him in tears.

Still, Allinson knew the right thing to do and not wanting to bother the cat, who is now 15 years old, decided to leave Percy with Ruth and her family, opting to visit the cat once a month instead. Ruth also sends Allinson photos and pictures of the cat.

(Photo Source: PA)

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