A Cat is Reunited With Owners Thanks to a Security Camera


When our pets go missing, our world gets turned upside down.  This is just what happened to Dawn Beveridge-Garber.  You see, her 12 year old cat, whose name is Kip managed to slip out of the house by climbing out of a window.  Saddened by the event, Kip’s owner really had a hard time dealing with the situation.  But she didn’t let her sorrow stop her from putting flyers all over the area, in hopes someone has seen her lost kitty.  She also called the local police and went to area shelters to see if her missing cat was there.  But after several days had past, the woman became worried that she would never see Kip again.

Being such an old cat, Kip really didn’t need to be wondering around in the outside world.  With him being gone so long, his owner felt the worst had happened and was beginning to give up hope.  But suddenly she got the idea of putting up a security camera, in hopes of spotting her pet feline.  After she placed the camera where she thought Kip might come, she put some food out to attract the cat.  She didn’t believe that this new method of looking for her cat would work, but she was going to give a try anyway.

With the camera in place she was going to give finding her cat a last try. The camera, which is digital will send pictures via text message to any smartphone device.  One evening the Dawn was sitting inside of her home when she received a text message.  She quickly opened the message to find that her cat was in fact outside eating the food that she had put out.  The woman rushed to the door where her beloved cat Kip greeted her with lots of love.  Thanks to very high-tech camera this story had a happy ending.  This very advanced technology is great for home security and it also comes in handy when you are looking for a missing pet.

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