Cat Reunited With Family Weeks After Missing in Tornado


A grieving family who lost both their son and the family home in the vicious Vilonia, Arkansas tornado on the eve of April 27 experienced a joyous reunion with their missing cat the other day. The Hunter family lost their son Jeffrey to the rabid tornado that demolished their home as well as caused their cat Olivia to go missing a few weeks ago. Since then, animal rescue volunteers have made it their mission to find the Hunters’ precious Olivia and get the cat reunited to her grieving family.

Rescuers spotted the missing feline near the site of her former home a couple of weeks ago and discovered where she was sleeping. They weren’t able to capture her until this past weekend – that’s when they lured her into a trap with sardines. The Vilonia Animal Clinic, along with a number of volunteers, helped in the rescue effort for Olivia to reunite her with her family. After losing so much, the Hunters’ reunion was a bittersweet one.

When Anna Hunter was reunited with her beloved kitty Olivia, she said, “It was really a lot of emotions all at once because I honestly did not think we would find her and now she’s here and I don’t wanna put her down ever, and I can’t wait to get her back to my parents. I cannot wait.”

Photo Source: Chloe Charlton

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