Cat Saves This Soldier’s Life and is Rewarded By Getting a Forever Home


Having spent 8 years in the military staff sergeant Jesse Knotts has been though nearly everything a solider can go through in war.  But if there was one constant reminder of his life at home, it was a feral cat by the name of Kasha. who in effect, saved his life. Knotts goes on to explain that it’s the “little things in life” that tend to make a big difference and if it weren’t for Kasha, his life might not even exist today.  Thankfully the two are united and will be together as long as time allows.

This video is a reminder of the power of the human and animal connection.  Sometimes the mere presence of a positive frame of mind can save a life and motivate someone to carry on through some of the toughest times imaginable.  We sincerely hope you enjoy this story.  We’re so happy for you Jesse and Kasha!

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