Cat Sealed in a Box and Left to Drown is Rescued by a Good Samaritan

Tiger and Cory

Animal cruelty sadly happens each and every day.  Many cats and dogs are left to starve or die in the elements.  But the animal cruelty case in this next story takes on a whole new level of hatefulness.

While many animals are simply neglected, the cat that you will read about in this article was the victim of a very evil person.  It all started when a passerby noticed a recycling box sitting on a nearby beach, in the country of Scotland.  The box which had been sealed up tight might have gone unnoticed if an animal rescue volunteer had not been in the area looking for an injured seagull.

The volunteer came upon the sealed box and noticed that something was making a noise inside of it. After carefully approaching the box the man could hear the sounds were getting louder.  The man started to examine the box, which was sealed with a cable.  After hearing the sounds the man quickly ripped off the cable.

What he saw next was unbelievable.  A calico cat was trapped inside and was very happy to see the man.  After bringing the cat home and giving it some food and water, the man contacted the local police and an investigation is now under way.

There was no way that the cat got in the box accidentally and someone had to have done it on purpose.  While it is unclear who would do something so evil, it may have been the original owners or someone who has stolen the cat.

They are currently looking for the owner, in hopes that they were not the ones who placed the cat in the box.  But no one has come forward at the time of this article.  The man who found the cat is currently taking care of the animal. He has named the cat Tiger because of the unique markings on the cat’s coat.

If no one soon claims the cat, the man who found her will likely adopt the cat, giving it a proper home.  I for one am glad this story had a happy ending, aren’t you?

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