A Cat Sees Snow for the First Time

Cat in snow

We all know that most felines don’t do well in the great outdoors.  But they love to play outside even when the weather isn’t its best.  But for one cat seeing snow for the first time is really a shocking and hilarious experience.  As you can see in these photos this cat is really shocked by the icy substance it is encountering.

Walking in the deep snow makes this white cat look like a huge snowball.  As the frozen stuff sticks to its coat, the animal seems to be transformed into something totally strange looking.  The cat is walking around and the look on its face is really priceless.  In this one photo the snow covered the feline and he looks very scared of what is happening to him.  His mouth seems to start opening up some as he gets deeper into the snow drift and he seems to be in total shock when he realizes just how cold it is.

Cat in snow 2

It’s safe to say this animal really didn’t seem to like its first encounter with the white stuff and he probably won’t be back for more any time soon.  I for one love to play in the snow but this animal simply didn’t care for it.  Many dogs love the snow but most cats have a different option on the subject.  But what makes these photos so talked about is the expression on the face of this animal.  He went from having big round eyes to a slightly opened mouth. Then once he was finally immersed in the snow, the look on his face was priceless as he open his mouth wide as if he was saying “get me out of here right now!”

cat in snow 3


These pictures have really caused a buzz on the internet and many people are talking about this hilarious cat.  Some say that the owner shouldn’t have allowed this cat to go outside in such cold conditions but I think he didn’t stay out there very long.  I am sure that he was brought inside very quickly and warmed up nicely.  So what do you think about these pictures?  Should the owner have posted them?

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