Cat Shot By Air Rifle is Saved by Its Belly Fat


In Manitoba, Canada a cat who was shot by an air rifle was saved by its belly fat.  A one year tabby by the name of Le Neige is currently still in “serious condition” while recovering at home in Brandon.   Owner Rikki Smith found her cat lying on the patio of her home the morning after June 28, after Le Neige snuck out of the house.

After taking Le Neige to the vet, Smith found out that her cat was saved because a layer of belly fat on Le Neige lessened the impact of the bullet.   The fat kept the bullet away from piercing any major organs. “They [vet] said that’s the only time they would recommend having a chubby cat. That’s what saved her life: her chubby, chubby belly,” said Smith.

Unfortunately Smith has had to empty her bank account to pay the vet bills and has since started a Facebook page for Le Neige to help raise funds. We hope you can help her out!  We don’t have the FB page yet but here is Rikki’s linkedin address.

Meanwhile Smith filed a police report but is doubtful the shooter will be found.

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