Cat Shot by Crossbow is Adopted by Animal Hospital


A pregnant cat that was shot by a crossbow in Ontario, Canada has a new home, the animal clinic that saved her life.  The cat,  Cinnamon, was taken to the Lincoln County Human Society and was a logical choice for adoption.   The hospital where Cinnamon was cared for is “ecstatic” about the news.  Staff at St. Catharine’s Animal Hospital treated Cinnamon on July 16th after she was shot 4 times in the abdomen.

Veterinarians and other staff members took to Cinnamon immediately and were hoping to keep her.  Since the cat couldn’t be matched with an owner she was handed over to the clinic.  As we stated earlier Cinnamon was pregnant when she was shot and unfortunately was holding 6 kittens that did not survive.

A Vet said that they don’t see cases like this often and that the act was more than likely calculated.  Cinnamon is still recovering from surgery and a seizure she suffered on Monday, but is now doing much better.  Now investigators are urging anyone with information about the case to contact the humane society.

Charges laid under the Ontario SPCA Act can lead to a fine of up to $60,000 and up to two years in jail, as well as a lifetime ban on owning animals.  Let’s get these criminals.   Story via.

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