A Cat Shows Up in a Neighbor’s Yard Five Days After Being Buried

Zombie cat

A cat in Tampa, Florida has gotten the attention the nation and the world when it showed up at a neighbor’s yard five days after being buried.  Yes, you read it right!  Bart the miracle cat dug himself out of his own grave.  People consider this cat to be a miracle and some calls it a zombie cat.

Earlier last month, Bart got hit by a car and died from the serious injuries he sustained from the incident.  The cat was buried by his owner Ellis Hutson on the side of the street where he was believed to have died.  Last Tuesday Hutson told WFLA, an affiliate of NBC News, that the cat was definitely dead.  “It was absolutely dead.  The cat was cold.  The cat was stiff, no movement, nothing,” said Hutson.

On January 21, 2014, five days after Bart the cat was buried, one of their neighbors, Dusty Albritton, spotted the kitty meowing in her yard.  She described Bart to be dirty and dehydrated.  Albritton told Tampa Bay Times that at first it blew her away.  “All I knew was this cat was dead and Pet Sematary is real,” said Albritton.

Hutson was surprised when his neighbor brought Bart to him alive.  He couldn’t explain how his dead feline came back to life.  Hutson told WFLA, “It had to have been touched by the Lord or something. I can’t explain it.  The cat was buried. The cat was dead, and my neighbor brought it back to my house.”

Bart suffered serious injuries including a broken jaw.  The Humane Society of Tampa Bay paid for Bart’s surgery cost last Tuesday by using its Save-A-Pet Medical Fund.  The feline’s left eye was removed and fixed his severely injured jaw during the surgery.  The Humane Society stated that the cat is doing well and purring once again.

The feline’s tall tale has been the talk on social media for days now.  Though some people consider Bart to be a “zombie cat,” his owner think that what happened was a “miracle” and it wasn’t just time for Bart to go.

What happened to Bart was both amazing and weird.  Though we can’t explain how the feline came back to life, his survival is a miracle.


Image via YouTube.com

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