Cat Smugglers are Caught in Thailand


Cat smuggling is an unfortunate norm in many countries abroad but thankfully 90 cats were spared recently.   The cats, who were famished, are believed to have been headed to Vietnam.  Police didn’t say what the cats were being saved from but it’s well known that in some part of the world cats are a food delicacy and that could likely have been the cause for the smuggling.

Police Col. Sakchai Sadmaroeng said Thursday his men stopped a pickup truck at a checkpointand found six plastic cages full of cats in northeastern Nakhon Phanom province. The driver was arrested and faces charges including animal cruelty and illegal transportation of animals.

He told police that we was paid $63 American dollars or 2000 baht to take the cats near the Thailand border. Thankfully these cats were spared.

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