Cat Stuck In Tree Rescued Thanks to Social Media


Black cat Binx found himself in a bit of a pickle after somehow getting to the top of a 50-foot Sweet Gum tree for five days in Mississippi last week. Initially when the feline got stuck in the tree, his owner, Ronald Filmore, tried to lure him back down from the tree, but was unsuccessful.  Filmore then believed that Binx would eventually make his way down on his own. Unfortunately, the cat ended up climbing higher each day.

Luckily, Summer Slovak, a caring neighbor, had heard Binx’s daily cries and she had had enough. The 31-year-old mom called the fire department to help rescue the cat, but was told they weren’t at liberty to do so because “they couldn’t get him for insurance purposes.” She then reached out to animal control, but it was also a dead end; ”he would come down on his own,” they said.

Slovak was tired of the excuses and very concerned for the poor cat, as the temperatures were dipping into freezing levels at night. “He comes over here and plays with my kids all the time. He’s super sweet,” she told a local news channel. “So when I saw him up there I felt really bad for him.”

Thinking of Binx in the freezing cold stuck in the tree, she couldn’t help but feel extremely sorry for the cat and took matters into her own hands. Slovak turned to social media and told Binx’s story, in hopes of someone who can help. An animal activist saw her post and reached out to the tree trimming service owned by Jerry Griffin. Griffin, who had experience rescuing several felines from trees in the area, obliged and said he’d be happy to help.

When Griffin got to the tree where Binx was at, a narrow space prevented his truck and ladder to make a safe rescue, so he reached out to colleague Buddy Greenlee. Greenlee had the gear needed to climb the 50-foot tree – and boy did he climb! After a very intense moment in the tree, Greenlee was able to grab Binx and rescue him from being trapped at the top.

”I put him in my coat, and he ran up my coat sleeve,” said Buddy.  ”Just thank God the tree held up, and it didn’t break.”

The two ended up safely on the ground, and suffice to say that Binx has (hopefully) retired from climbing tall trees.

Image via Care2


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