Cat Survives 36-Day Ocean Trek After Accidentally Being Packed in a Box


The Barth family was frantic when their cat Mee Moowe disappeared only days prior to their big move from Virginia home to Hawaii. Unfortunately after spending more time in Virginia to wait and see if their cat would turn up, it was too late and they had to make the move.

“It made me sick. It was heartbreaking,” Ashley Barth said. “My girls were devastated trying to tell me that I couldn’t leave without Mee Moowe.” Even though the family arrived in Hawaii quickly, it would take the boxes they packed more than a month to arrive. Miraculously as the movers were unpacking the boxes they heard a tiny voice coming from one of the boxes.

“The guy goes, ‘what was that sound?’ and my heart just kind of sunk for a minute and I thought, ‘no, no way.’ And then we heard it again. And the guy said, ‘was that a cat?’” Barth said. Surely enough, it was Mee Moowe. The cat, it seems, was mistakenly packed up for the move and survived the 36-day trip without food and water.

“She came right up to my daughters and right to me and wouldn’t let us leave her side,” Barth said. However, their time together was short. Because Mee Moowe did not have proper vaccinations, it now has to spend three months in quarantine at the vet’s office.

Folks, NEVER forget your cats. Shame on you Barth family!

Image From CBS6

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