Cat Survives for 6 Weeks with No Food or Water after Chimney Fall

Cat in Chimney

Cats definitely are survivors.  Aside from having nine lives they tend to often survive dangerous situations as well.  Today I will share with you the story of a cat named Chole, who survived 6 weeks without food and water.

In December 2014, the cat’s owner Marianne Wood went on a vacation.  Before she left, she had asked her neighbors to look after Chloe.  In fact, a hut was built outside for the feline to live in.  But after two days the cat went missing and they weren’t able to find her.

Six weeks later, after Chloe’s owner came back she was finally found.  Marianne went to their spare bedroom and she heard a meow and at first she thought she was just imagining things.  But the meow was coming from the chimney so she called her husband, who cut the cardboard to get Chloe out from behind the fireplace that was connected to the chimney.  According to Marian, the feline cat out head first, her body was covered with dust, very smelly and barely alive.

Apparently, the feline fell off the chimney and got stuck behind the fireplace with no food to eat, or water to drink.  Chloe must have been playing on the roof or trying to get inside their house and thought that the chimney is her way in.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work and it almost cost her life.

Chloe’s owner was really happy to have found her alive.  After taking her to the vet for a check-up, the vet told them that the cat lost half of her weight dues to starvation, and she was also extremely dehydrated as a result of not being able to drink water for more than two weeks.  The lucky kitty is now recovering well at home.

I can’t imagine how this feline survived that horrible ordeal.  Not a lot of cats who gets stuck in the chimney will survive especially after 16 long days of not eating and drinking.  Chloe is very lucky that her owner heard her meows and rescued her just in time.  She could have died if Marianne didn’t hear her cry for help that day.

To all of us cat lovers and owners, who happened to have a chimney, don’t forget to check it in case our feline goes missing.

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