Cat Survives 64 days trapped in Futon

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One cat survived a long journey inside a futon.  Mossie the cat was trapped inside a futon for 64 long days.  According to the feline’s owners, Jesse and Kymberly Chelf the cat went missing while they were getting ready to move from Fort Briggs in El Paso, Texas to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska.  While the Chelfs were busy packing their stuffs they didn’t noticed Mossie’s disappearance right away.  As the movers moved their last few things which include the futon mattress the couple began to look for their beloved cat.  They searched the whole house for Mossie but he was nowhere to be found.  The Chelfs were heartbroken upon their cat’s disappearance and thought that the animal had run away through an open door while they were busy moving stuffs.

“It was very heartbreaking thinking that we had lost him.  We tried everything to find him,” Kymberly said.

Last Thursday, the couple’s stuffs arrived at their new home in Alaska.  After a few hours, Kymberly heard a meow coming from the inside of the futon mattress.  She quickly checked the futon and there she found Mossie alive but weak.  For 64 days the two-year-old feline managed to stay alive in total darkness without food and water.  As a result, the cat was very scared, dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight.  The Chelfs rushed Mossie to the vet where he was given treatment for severe dehydration.  Dr. Hayden Nevill said that the ‘cat’s diagnosis is a good one’ and said the following statement about Mossie, “He does have some changes to his liver, but his kidneys were working fine, which is really astounding.  We started first with rehydrating him, and now our big challenge is we have to get his entire digestive system restarted.”

Mossie was rescued by the Chelfs when he was just three weeks old.  According to Kymberly, the cat together with his siblings was trapped inside her neighbor’s wall.  The kittens’ mother died after it got tangled with the wires inside the walls.  Using a sledgehammer, they successfully got all the kittens out.  The Chelfs also feed the feline by hand when he was a kitten.  Once Mossie is released from the vet, they are going to tube-feed him until he is well enough to eat solid food again.  Kymberly and Jesse said that they are very glad to have their beloved kitty back.

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