Cat Survives a Freight Container Trip from Philippines to Los Angeles


(Photo: AP/ounty of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control)

Freighter trips are common in terms shipping goods from one country to another.  It’s the way the world works.   Planes aren’t always available and deliveries are made from port to port all the time.  On occasion however, these freighters pick up extra passengers.    Recently a 4 year old cat that survived a trip from Manila, Philippines all the way to Los Angeles is recovering from the grueling ride.    She barely had any food and water on the trip and was near death upon arrival but is making a solid recovery.

Los Angeles County animal control director Marcia Mayeda says the orange and white female cat was weak and frail after the 7,300-mile trip. But after two weeks of treatments, the feline is in fair condition.  Staff named the cat Pinay which is a common name for a female Filipino.

Pinay is ready for adoption but animal control stresses that she’s still skittish and needs a calm environment. Potential adopters can email [email protected]  In a related story another cat survived a freighter trip from China a year ago and was adopted into a new home.  We wish Pinay the best of luck!



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