Cat Survives Being Shot in the Head with Air Rifle

bullet cat

There are wonderful people in the world. I meet them every single day. They are the people who don’t think twice to help a mother with two little twins get the door open going into a store, or that forgo parking under the cover at school where I have to get out and take my daughter to class because they know I have the twins with me and that I need that dry space more than they do. It’s the people who stop and tell me I’m blessed to have four beautiful kids instead of the ones who tell me they’d rather kill themselves than be me (you’re missing out, people; I’ve got it good). Wonderful people are everywhere. Sadly, awful people seem so much more prominent since we always talk about them.

A family, who wishes not to be named, witnessed this first hand in the UK recently. Their cat was out for the day, and they thought nothing of it because it’s perfectly normal for the cat to be out. When the cat returned with blood dripping down his face, however, the family panicked. They discovered a bullet from an air rifle lodged into the head of their cat. He is fine and will survive now that he’s been treated, but the RSPCA has launched an investigation to find the person or people responsible for shooting this cat in the head so that they can punish them as they see fit. It’s a terrible thing that someone felt it was all right to shoot this sweet cat right in the head with their gun.

Photo by RSPCA

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