Cat Survives After Being Found with a Knife Embedded in His Head

Cat with knife in head

The cat in the next story miraculously survived after a vicious attacked that left him with a knife embedded in his head.  Zelyoniy the cat is very lucky to be alive.  I reckon he successfully used one of his nine lives during the attack.

Last Sunday a local woman spotted the cat in the streets of Sevastopol, a Crimean city, with a knife stuck in his head.  The animal was then taken to a veterinarian, who removed the kitchen utensil via surgery.  A video was taken during the cat’s surgery and it shows that the knife was buried a few inches deep to its skull.

“When I went to look for him I found him hiding under a bush and was shocked to see a knife sticking out of his head even though he was still alive,” says Lyudmila Aleexeva, the woman who found and rescued the feline.

The authorities stated noted Zelyoniy the cat was attacked and stabbed on Friday but wasn’t found until two days after.  The president of the Sevastopol charity fund for homeless animals believed that the feline managed to run away before its attacker had the chance to remove the knife.

Zelyoniy which means “green” in English is expected to recover fully.  But due to the vicious attack he seems to be withdrawn right now, which is normal if you asked me.  Hopefully, he will learn to trust people again.

As of now, Zelyoniy’s attacker is still unknown.  Hopefully, the authorities will get a lead soon and catch the culprit.  It’s horrifying to know that some people just don’t have a heart for other living creatures in this world.  People that are capable of doing horrible things like this to an animal needs to be put in jail to prevent them from doing any horrible acts in the future.

Zelyoniy’s case is an extreme case of animal abuse.  Whoever the attacker was, he or she intended to kill the cat.  But it doesn’t matter what his intentions were, all I know is that it was pure evil.  I mean, how can someone stab an innocent and defenseless cat?

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