Cat Survives a Four Story Fall from Manhattan Apartment

sammy one

Cats and high windows are bad news. When a New York City apartment owner came home from vacation and found that the windows of her apartment were cracked open too wide she was too late to save her cat. Startled, the cat, which was lying on the windowsill, fell right out the window. The house sitter taking care of the cat while his owner was away left the windows opened a bit too wide and the cat just fell right out from the fourth floor.

Fortunately, Sammy the cat is just fine. He’s suffered some injuries, but the fall could have been much worse. A broken leg and some broken toes are his worst injuries, and he also cracked his hard palate which allowed air into his chest cavity. Fortunately, the veterinarian on call was able to help the cat survive, and all is looking well.

sammy three

sammy two

The idea of a cat falling out of a window in a tall building seems scary, but it happens so often that there is even a name for the condition. It’s called high-rise syndrome, and it happens often in tall apartment buildings. The interesting news, though, is that cats are more likely to survive falling from higher windows than they are in Sammy’s case, which was a four-story drop. Vets believe that once cats stop accelerating on the way out of a window, they relax their bodies and are not injured as badly. It’s almost the same thing as a drunk driver who doesn’t realize that an accident is imminent and remains relaxed, absorbing most of the shock rather than being injured by it. It is a phenomenon that is very confusing to many. The good news here, though, is that Sammy is going to be just fine and is not going to suffer any further from his injuries.

Photos by Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners

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