Cat Survives Being Shot in the Head with an Arrow

Arrow cat

Animal cruelty is a crime that is becoming rampant. Nearly every day we hear something about an abandon animal across the country and sometimes in other parts of the world. The next story is unfortunately about a cat, who nearly died when someone shot her in the head with an arrow.

A six-year-old-and-a-half cat named Akila got out of the house in Riverview, located 12 miles south of Tampa. On Tuesday night her owner, Tyra Bulluck, who is an animal behaviorist, went looking for her but was unable to find the feline. Then on Wednesday morning, they found by her at the neighbor’s front garden shrub with an arrow pierced to its head. The cat’s tail was also injured in the incident. The horrifying discovery troubled the owner and her family.

The cat was taken to the Animal Coalition of Tampa where she was treated. Akila was sedated for a surgery to remove the arrow from her head. The operation lasted about 45 minutes and it was done by Dr. Elaine Foley. The feline is now recovering from the successful procedure. Akila was very fortunate that the kill shot missed or else it could have ended her life then.

According to the feline’s petmom, Tyra Bulluck, Akila is an indoor cat. In fact, it was just her second time to get outside of the house when the incident happened. She also added that the feline came from a champion stock and is a very well-kept pet.

The Animal Coalition of Tampa considers this incident to be the worst that they have seen. The incident is now being investigated by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. The recovered arrow that was used to shot Akila was tested for DNA and fingerprints in order to identify the culprit.

This is indeed a very troubling incident. Some people are just heartless and capable of doing horrible things to innocent animals. It doesn’t matter if the animal is stray or not, no one has the right to kill them. On the other hand, I am happy that Akila is recovering well and the authorities are taking this incident seriously. Hopefully, they will find the culprit soon.

Image via Tyra Bulluck

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